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Today, we stand at the edge of one of the most important moments in our church’s history. The Vintage Vision is an invitation to impact the future, maximize the present, and honor the past of our church by purchasing and renovating the property at 350 Mission Street. Up until now, we have been renters here in our building.

The Vintage Vision will make 350 Mission Street truly our home, a place of worship, community, mission, and theology for us, our families and our community.


  • Kids and families connecting and experiencing the life-changing power of the Gospel together

  • College students and young adults being inspired and equipped to impact the world together

  • Teenagers growing in wisdom, knowledge and passion to follow Jesus into mission together

  • The music and arts community of Santa Cruz gathering to be inspired by Jesus-centered artistic experiences together

  • Men and women, young and old, learning to love and live the way of Jesus together


We have the incredible opportunity to purchase our property, estimated at nearly $6 Million in value for only $414,000. This is truly an answer to prayer. It also gives us the ability to raise above and beyond in order to maximize our space for the sake of the mission.


In the 1930’s, during the Great Depression, people gave faithfully and sacrificially in order to build First Presbyterian Church here on the westside of our city. At great risk to themselves, they trusted God and in 1938 they built this beautiful red brick building where we gather today. Eighty years later, their legacy lives on through Vintage Faith Church. Over the past eight decades, tens of thousands of lives have been impacted with the Good News of Jesus because of the faith and sacrifice of the original few who believed what seemed impossible.

We have the same opportunity today - to give faithfully and sacrificially so that countless lives may continue to be impacted, both in the present and long into the future.

Since day one of Vintage Faith Church, our prayer has been that God would place us strategically near the campus of UCSC and downtown. God answered that prayer by bringing us here. Now, purchasing and renovating the property will maximize every square inch for tremendous impact.


  • Purchase and own the property at 35o Mission Street. This remains the primary goal and priority of the campaign.


  • Renovate the current gym into two separate large gathering spaces, to be used for a wide variety of ministry opportunities.


  • Renovate other areas of our property that show the natural wear and tear of a 1938 building, in order to remove barriers that might keep someone from having the best possible experience at Vintage.


Once we've reached the $414,000 goal for purchasing the property, we will then turn to the other two priorities, which we estimate will consist about $560,000, bringing the grand total to $974,000. Details of how the contributions will be spent are listed in the Vintage Vision booklet, linked below.

We are asking you, our Vintage Faith Church community, to pray, discuss with your family, and consider how you might join the Vintage Vision with us. Sunday, November 18th is what we're calling Commitment Sunday. On this day, we're asking everyone who calls Vintage home to bring in the commitment card that is attached to the brochure (if you did not receive a physical booklet, with the card inside, please pick up one on Sunday, in the front office during the week, or email and we'll be sure to get you one).

Once you've indicated your commitment to Vintage Vision by filling out your card, you can "fulfill" that commitment with a single donation or spread that over the next three years.   If you pay by check, please write "Vintage Vision" in the memo section.  If online, simply choose the new "Vintage Vision" designation category.  If you've already turned in a commitment card, you can even make a contribution today, by clicking the ‘Contribute to the Vintage Vision’ button below!  As you support Vintage Vision, we urge you to do so above and beyond your normal giving amounts for the ongoing operations of the church.

Thank you in advance for joining us in this truly historic moment for Vintage Faith Church!

For questions about the Vintage Vision or to get involved, contact Jay Kim -