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Exploring Genesis One as Narrative History

The early chapters of Genesis are amazing to read and extremely important – and all scholars who agree the Scriptures are inspired by God believe that it teaches God created everything. All agree that God was the creator – but there are several possibilities of how God did create, the sequence of events, the age of the earth and specific aspects of the creation account that we like to speculate about, but hard to know for sure. We recently had professor John Walton from Wheaton College speak to share about his views of Adam and Eve in the creation account. What we have next is another viewpoint of Genesis 1 which differs from Dr. Walton. 

Join us on Sunday February 28th at 6:30 PM (right after the 5 PM Vintage Faith Church gathering ends) for our next theological forum continuing this topic of creation. We will have a presentation given to us about Genesis 1 and then a time of open questions where you can ask anything, challenge anything and have some fun thinking through this together. 

This time we have Dr. Frank DeRemer, who will give a talk called "“Exploring Genesis One as Narrative History”.

Frank has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). His Ph.D. thesis was completed in 1969 and was ground-breaking in the area of the practical translation of (designed) computer languages. Frank was Assistant then Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science at UCSC from 1969 through 1982. He co-founded a computer software tools company in Santa Cruz in 1979. Frank was raised in a Christian home, but it took a while to “take.” He became deeply committed to Jesus in 1976 and was married to Lynda in 1977. The couple have two children, Elliot (31) and Charis (34), a granddaughter, Kalia (3). 

Frank has extensively studied and writes about the book of Genesis and is Director of the Genesis History Research

Website: CreatorMaker-Cosmos

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