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Lifeskills: Developing True Intimacy (Free Summer Seminars)

Forming healthy attachments can mean the difference between life and death in our relationships.  We know this in our mind, yet we vacillate between isolation and enmenshment in our behaviors, driven by vague feelings of lonely despair and self-doubt.  

The Life Skills’ Learning to Live, Learning to Love program is a 28-30 week course that helps us uncover the root reasons why we fail to bond, and teaches us how to develop true intimacy in our relationship with our self, God, and others.  

Mark your calendar to learn more!  

FREE Summer Seminars

  • Saturday Aug. 01, 9:00am – 12:00pm (What is Life Skills, Paul’s Story, Belief Systems)

  • Saturday Aug. 29, 9:00am – 12:00pm (What is Life Skills, Arrested Development,  Undeveloped Core)

Come to any or all of our FREE Summer seminars.  These seminars are video-driven, followed by discussion. Open to anyone, so bring a friend!  

Where:  Vintage Faith Church, Kids’ Bldg.

To register, call Kim Lacy: (408)702-7418

For more info, please visit