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The Psalms are among the most widely read collection of poems, hymns, and prayers. And while many are familiar with these writings, they are so surprising in that they represent every imaginable human emotion. There’s a caricature out there that followers of Jesus are thoughtlessly blind individuals who float through life, out of touch with the harsh realities of the world. But the Psalms tell a different story. God invites our raw, honest responses to the highs and lows of life. Throughout this series, we'll see how at the end of that invitation, the conclusion is always and consistently the same - that God is greater than all things and he is in control and because of that, there is always hope for those who put their trust in him. 


June 24th - Psalm 2

July 1st - Psalm 1

July 8th - Psalm 149/150

July 15th - Psalm 32

July 22nd - Psalm 139

July 29th - Psalm 46

August 5th - John 4:21-26 and the Psalms