Sunday December 4th: Christmas & The Cross

The center of the Christmas story is the birth of Jesus, which is a beautiful picture of joy, hope and anticipation. And yet, we can't forget that from the moment he is born, Jesus sets out on an intentional, meaningful, and deeply significant path... toward dying. Not just at the hands on angry mob or an unjust ruler, but as part of God’s plan to restore every single human being that has ever lived … and in the end, to conquer death.

Join us this Sunday for "Christmas & The Cross" as we learn about these juxtaposing stories of Jesus' birth and death, and what it means for us today. 


The Gospel According to LUKE

What is God's kingdom? Where did Jesus come from?  What does He think of money? How did He treat women? How can we be more compassionate? How do we live by faith? What does it mean to be forgiven? How do we pray? 

The Gospel According to Luke delves into these and many other questions of what it means to follow after Jesus. A narrative account of Jesus' life, the book of Luke weaves a rich tapestry of practical and powerful truths that still impact our lives today. 

Alongside of our Sunday teaching, we're encouraging our whole community to follow along and study through the book of Luke at home