"The Story" is helping people in churches everywhere experience Scripture like never before. Carefully selected verses from the Bible are organized chronologically - from Genesis to Revelation, you will come to understand God’s story and how your story intersects with it. We are excited to experience "The Story" here at VFC starting on Sunday October 6th, as it's a chance to dive into the meta-narrative of the Scriptures in a fresh way; we will experience the Story through our teaching on Sundays, in our Sunday kids ministry lessons, in Community Group bible studies through the week, through our Youth, College & 20s/30s Ministries, and by equipping families with kids to learn about the Story together! 

The Story is a 31-week teaching series and church-wide Bible study of carefully selected verses from the Bible that are organized chronologically - from Genesis to Revelation. The Story will help us come to understand God’s story and how our story intersects with it. Each Sunday, we will teach a single chapter from The Story book in the worship gatherings.