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This spring our Global Compassion team, along with our VFC community, will be working to bless Otino Waa Children's home in Uganda by raising funds to help purchase a tractor.  This tractor will be used to grow food for the orphanage and it's community outreach ministries. 

In the words of our contact at Otino Waa, “As a ministry we spend approximately $10,000/month to feed all 500 of our orphans and vulnerable children.  Last year we purchased a 11 acre piece of property and began to grow our own food and we have already seen 40% reduction of food costs because of the produce off the land.  With a tractor, we believe we can significantly further increase our savings, which allows us to use that money to rescue more orphans and vulnerable children.”

The remaining amount needed for the tractor is $7500.  Our goal is to provide Otino Waa with this remaining amount so they are able to continue to offset food costs and provide safe, healthy care as many children in need as possible.  

Thank you for making an impact around the world by joining in on this with us!

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