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Ladies! Join us for GUARDRAILS, a 7-week in-depth Bible study beginning in late February.  

In this Beth Moore study we will confront the hard questions of faith and faithfulness. We will travel down the road of exploring the how and why we tend to get off course and how to correct ourselves when we do.

Our lives can easily shift off course and all of us - church people, non-church people, Christians, non-Christians - have a tendency to play as close as we can to disaster in many areas of our life. We are all at risk for going off course - for allowing sin to lead the way.

Digging deep into the truth of the Bible, this in-depth study will provide tools to establish guardrails in our lives to prevent us from going off course and to correct us when we do. Walking through Scripture, we will discover the guardrails that help guide our faith and see that God offers us ways to protect ourselves and others against the attacks that are thrown at us. 

All the Details:

  • 7 weeks, February 27 - April 7
  • Monday Evenings or Tuesday Mornings
  • Cost - $20.00 (includes materials)
  • Childcare available Tuesday Mornings, for a flat fee
  • Register online
  • Contact Nini Lettner with any questions: