We live in an uncertain world in uncertain times. In this apologetics class we will look at some difficult questions that people ask about Christianity today such as: ‘Why does God allow pain and suffering?’, ‘Does God send people to hell?’ and ‘How do we know the Bible is accurate?’. We will grow in our ability to live out 1 Peter 3:15 - ‘Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.’ Together we will better comprehend and understand what followers of Jesus believe and why, become more aware of major worldview movements of our day, respond to tough questions aimed at Christianity, and grow in our ability to winsomely engage skeptics, friends and even our own doubts about the truth of Christianity.



VFC is eager to be shaped into a community that knows, loves and reflects God, and yet we realize that we don’t simply drift into becoming ‘like Jesus’.  That is why this summer, we will be exploring the Spiritual Disciplines together in this class.  The Disciplines (things like prayer, Scripture intake, serving, stewardship, silence, solitude, fasting, sharing faith) have been around for centuries, and have proven over the ages to be powerful and soul shaping practices that we can learn and incorporate into our lives so that we may be formed into the likeness of Christ by the power of God’s Spirit at work in us.


SACRED PARENTING - taught by Larry Doan

Parents labor many years to love, care for and raise the little people entrusted to them in the best way they know how - but it doesn’t come without it’s challenges. You’ve been handed a piece of history in advance - a precious gift you send to a time you will not see - and you play the biggest role in how that history will ultimately be recorded.  Parenting is a school for spiritual formation --- and our children are our teachers. The journey of caring for, rearing, training, and loving our children will profoundly alter us forever. This is a class in which we will explore together how God uses the everyday challenges and joys of raising children to shape our souls into the image of Christ.  



HIGH SCHOOL CLASS (for incoming 9th - 12th grade students):

TRUTH MATTERS: Why We Can Trust the Bible and Believe it is 100% Inspired by God - taught by Dan & Becky Kimball

As high school students, there is a great need to develop confidence and trust that the Bible is reliable and trustworthy.  We will be looking at the origins of the Bible: who wrote it, where it came from and how the books that are in it were selected. We will look at how to make sense of some of the difficult passages in the Bible. Each student will come away with an understanding of the layout and big story of the Bible, so when tough questions do come (and they will) they will have a foundation to remember. Most importantly, we will show that the Bible isn’t just about head knowledge but that it can draw us closer to God in worship and life.


MIDDLE SCHOOL CLASS (for incoming 6th - 8th grade students):

A CASE FOR FAITH: Exploring the Tough Questions about Christianity and Reasons to Believe - taught by Dawn Jackson

Middle School is a time of intense learning and discovery about the world. It’s not easy to believe in Christianity when the world poses difficult questions about our faith at every turn - unless there are answers to those questions. In this class, we’ll provide tools for our students to know what they believe and why, along with powerful insights that aim to reshape our understanding of the Bible. We hope students come away understanding that faith in Jesus not only makes excellent sense, but also makes a life-changing difference.





Paul Spurlock has been on staff at Twin Lakes Church for over 20 years where he currently serves as Pastor of Outreach and Missions. His spirit comes alive in settings hostile to the Gospel with a passion for pre-evangelism (winsomely removing barriers to Jesus) via apologetics. He and his lovely wife Robin are raising their three teenage daughters and enjoy reading, laughing, sports and being with family & friends. You may occasionally see him playing roller hockey with men half his age and playing a round of disc golf here and there.

Jon and Joanna Ahlum are married and are parents to two year old Charlotte and are also expecting their second baby girl any day now! Joanna is currently Adjunct Lecturer at Santa Clara University. Jon cares for Charlotte and is pursuing his masters in Pastoral Ministry. Both of them share a passion for learning, experiencing Jesus in real and practical ways and seeking balance in their lies through the Spiritual Disciplines. Together they serve in ministry, ride bikes, climb mountains, run and surf. 

Larry Doan comes to us with almost forty years of parenting experience as well as decades of vocational experience with youth in social services. Larry has worked in various churches, raised four amazing children (all actively serving Jesus in ministry) alongside his wife, Susan, and is currently working as Director of Educational Services for Easter Seals Central California. He greatly enjoys experiencing God's Grace as often as he can by surfing the Hook and spending time with his children and grandchildren! 

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Dan Kimball serves on staff at Vintage Faith Church, overseeing the mission and teaching. Dan was not raised going to a church, but while in college he began wondering whether the Bible was a mythical story and if people simply became Christians because of their geographic context of living in American suburbia. After much studying of the Bible and comparative religions, he put faith in Jesus and hasn’t looked back. He has an unquenchable passion for comic books, drumming and most importantly, to teach the upcoming generations about the importance of knowing Scripture and all of it’s truths.

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Dawn Jackson joined Vintage Faith’s staff as the Director of the Junior High Ministry in August of 2013, and currently serves as the Youth Ministry Director. She and her husband, Brian, have been a part of VFC since 2006, serving in various ministries throughout the years. They have two children, Ella and Brian, who adore their church “family.” In her free time, Dawn enjoys spending time with her family, running and training for races and enjoying the outdoor beauty of Santa Cruz.