REGENERATION FORUM IS SOLD OUT! Sorry about that! We hope to see you at 2017's forum!!

ReGeneration Forum is a chance for young adults, college students, church leaders (and anyone passionate about next generations following Jesus) to come together to learn and dialogue about theological issues facing young people and the church today!



Francis Chan, Nancy Ortberg, Tim Mackie, Dave Lomas, Joshua Ryan Butler, Jay Kim, Issac Serrano, Rene Schlaepfer, and many others...


Topics include:

  • Science & The Bible: Is the creation account mythical with a talking snake? Can it make sense with what we know of science? Was the earth created before the sun like the order of the creation account says and plants created before there was sunshine?

  • Heaven & Hell: Does God send people to hell for eternity for simply not believing in Jesus?

  • Violence in the Old Testament: Why is there so much violence and killing that God allegedly commands?

  • Bacon, Shrimp, Tattoos and Leviticus: It clearly says these things are taboo in the Old Testament, does that mean we can’t eat shrimp or bacon today?

  • World Religions & Jesus: In today’s globally connected world, can we still believe Jesus is the only way to God amidst so many other religions?

  • Women in the Bible: Should women be “silent” and “submit” as words of the Bible actually state?

  • Suffering & The Goodness of God: What kind of God would allow so much suffering, evil and pain in this world if He loves us?

  • Crazy Bible? There are so many web sites and books pointing out the really bizarre sounding things in the Bible. Can we still trust it as being a valid book for todays world and not something only to be considered what a primitive thinking people group wrote?

  • Slavery in the Bible: Does both the Old Testament and New Testament endorse slavery? Why did God allow slavery to exist back then?


Event Details:

Saturday October 22, 2016 | 8AM to 5PM
at Christ Community Church | Milpitas, CA

$12/person  (discounted rate through Vintage Faith)


More info about speakers and event details here:

The ReGeneration Project is a collective group of church leaders, college-age, young adults, artists, theologians and all those who are passionate about seeing new generations follow Jesus and serve Him on mission in their world.