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Parenting today is a complicated and difficult task. The unique challenges we face in our increasingly volatile culture cause a lot of confusion about how to best help our kids develop Godly character, wisdom, and courage. If you’ve ever been at a loss in parenting, you’re not alone! And there’s hope!

Join us every Wednesday during Vintage Midweek Family Nights for Parent Corner Live, a place to be encouraged, equipped, and connected to others on the parenting journey. Led by Ken and Mari Harrower (alongside other great teachers!), who have decades of fruitful ministry experience with youth, parents, and families, Parent Corner Live will give you practical tools as well as deep inspiration for guiding your kids to know, love, and follow Jesus, in the midst of the pressures of our world.

Winter & Spring classes:

Feb.27th - Mar.27th

Who Is This Kid?: Learning our Kids’ Personalities & How It Can Change Everything

Each child is a unique gift from God, shaped and designed in a particular way. The better we understand their personalities, the better we can guide them, discipline them, connect with them, and ultimately, help accentuate the amazing ways God has made them. In this class, you’ll dive into the widely acclaimed Meyers-Briggs personality inventory and discover the specifics of how God has designed your child, and how you might respond to best come alongside them.

Apr.10th - May 15th

Best Family Ever!: Learning & Living the 10 Traits of a Healthy Family

Every family is different. But every healthy family shares ten unique traits, which define their health. In this class, you’ll learn these 10 traits of a healthy family, as well as practical ways to implement and lean into these 10 traits with your kids, in order to experience the best version of your family you could ever hope for!