What are Parent Resources?

Let’s be honest.  As parents we often struggle to know how and when to talk about faith and Jesus with our kids.  We all hope to have casual God-conversations throughout the week, but as the week begins our best intentions to chat about God with our kids often get overshadowed by our busy schedules.

Since this is a very real struggle, we want to help make these conversations a little more doable for your family.  Thankfully, we get to utilize great resources from The Rethink Group (aka: Orange) and they have created something for us called the Parent Cue.

The Parent Cue for each week includes easy-to-use resources to help you dialogue with your kids about what they are learning about God on Sundays at Vintage Kids. You can access the Parent Cue for this week by clicking the button below and/or by downloading the Parent Cue AppThe app is super practical; you can either check it out from time to time or have it send you push-notifications, cuing you with a few relevant questions to ask your kids throughout the week.

If you have any questions about how to best utilize these resources please don't hesitate to contact Amy Bootz at amy@vintagechurch.org