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Where did we come from? When and how did it all begin? Is the Bible credible when we compare it to science?

What about…

...evolution and the Bible?

.. a six-day creation?

...Adam and Eve?

...was there really a talking snake?

...the problem of evil?

...was Noah and the Flood real?

The opening chapters of the Book of Genesis pose a wide variety of intriguing questions, which have been the cause of immeasurable tension and disagreement over many centuries. In this new teaching series, we’ll explore the origins of the world and humanity. We’ll dive deep and learn what the Bible does and does not say about when, where, how, and why everything began. Ultimately, we’ll find a deep sense of confidence in the Scriptures and what God has been doing since the beginning of time and what he will continue to do until his amazing plan for the human race is brought to completion.

February 17th - The Mystery of How to Read Genesis

February 24th - Genesis 1:1-2:2: 7 days of creation and the age of the earth

March 3rd - Genesis 2: Adam & Eve: Gender, Marriage, Sexuality, Imago Dei

March 10th - Genesis 3: The Fall - The Origin of Evil and Sin

March 17th - Genesis 4-6: The Unseen World - "Sons of God"/Nephilim

March 24th - Genesis 6-9: Noah and the Flood

March 31st - Genesis 10-11: Tower of Babel

April 7th - Genesis 15 - Covenant - The God Who Comes First

April 14th - Genesis 22 - Abraham & Isaac - Sacrifice