Why Micah Rice as Director of Youth Ministries?

micah and hannah rice.png

For those interested, below are some of the specific reasons why we believe that Micah is the right one for the role here (in addition to his character and his loving and following Jesus of course!).  

* The high recommendation from the senior pastor of the church he is currently on full time staff with. We met with the senior pastor twice and asked a lot of questions. The senior pastor has known Micah since he was a teen (Micah is now 25). Micah has been serving full time as youth associate (it's a large youth ministry so they have two full time staff). Recently, Micah was asked to be the lead youth pastor but felt he was being called to serve at Vintage Faith Church instead. We were able to have great discussions with the pastor who has known and and served on staff with Micah. Knowing this was major for us. 

* Micah has an undergraduate degree in art and currently is in seminary (the graduate level school where you study Bible/theology) and is working on his Masters degree. Having a mix of art and Bible/theology certainly fit the Vintage Faith ethos. I also met Micah at the ReGeneration Forum last year and learned he is passionate about youth, but also about Bible and theology. I discovered that he is on the same trajectory I was when I was in his stage of life. He is currently in seminary part time while serving on staff at a local church. 

* Micah's wife Hannah is an amazing young woman of God. They met when she was also volunteering in youth ministry and she has a heart for youth as well. She has served as youth volunteer leading small groups and is excited to join our community.

* Seeing him in action with youth, interacting, teaching and leading. Jay Kim and I went to visit Micah in action one day at his home church. We learned that of the 20 volunteers serving that night, Micah personally brought on 18 of them to serve in youth ministry. We saw the behind the scenes organizational skills he had to set up small groups for 120 youth and work with the volunteers to make it all happen. We also saw him interact with students (both at his church and when he visited Vintage Faith Church). 

* His ability to serve with parents, volunteers as well as having maturity and organizational skills needed. While Jay and I were at his church we heard from volunteers who said Micah is a "rock star" in handling difficult situations with youth. We also saw that Micah was trained in a larger church of almost 2,000 people so he has learned the organizational skills needed to run a youth ministry. You can have a dynamic youth speaker but if they are not organizationally oriented, especially with youth, things can go awry! We were specifically were asking God to bring someone from a larger church who has the organizational and relational skills needed for a healthy run ministry. 

Hope that helps show you a little behind the scenes reasons we believe Micah is the right one! 

We're looking forward to seeing you at the parent's meeting on June 11th at 3:00pm!