LIFE TOGETHER: Church the way it's meant to be

The invitation of Jesus is not to go it alone, but to walk together in authentic and genuine relationship with others. He calls us to leave the obscurity and anonymity of the crowd and to know others and be known. As we experience fear, loneliness, depression or anxiety, our first instincts are often to hide or to struggle by ourselves in silence. And yet, Jesus invites us to live as the "Church," a group of people who trust in and embody His love. 

LIFE TOGETHER is a 2 part series focussed on discovering the benefits of authentic community as we encourage, comfort, and urge one another toward a deeper walk with the living God.. and ultimately toward experiencing Church the way it's meant to be.


Sunday July 12 | Week 1: You are not alone

Sunday July 19 | Week 2: You are part of the solution