Leadership Council

Comprised of men and women who develop and give oversight to the vision and mission of the church. The Leadership Council guides and oversees the general philosophy, theology and budget of VFC. Members of the council are made up of a mix of volunteers and staff members. 


We have a mix of part-time to full-time staff in specific roles to oversee and implement the mission of the church. Being on staff simply means that you are freed up to serve on the mission of the church with all your time during the week. A major part of the role of most staff members is to equip, care, train and empower people of the church to serve in their areas of giftedness.

*There are many volunteers at VFC who aren’t “paid” staff, but who truly function as staff and dedicate hours and hours of time every week to serving. Using the term “staff” is hard to do, as we see so many people in our church as peer staff members.

The Protégé Internship Program is a leadership immersion experience for those desiring to serve on staff in a missional church and learn skills, character and theological training. The internships are either a one or two year commitment.

A Community Group leader shepherds/pastors and journeys with the people in their group on a weekly basis as they seek to follow in the way of Jesus. The three main ways we encourage groups to grow together in the way of Jesus are personal connection, prayer, and scripture study. A community group leader is in charge of rallying their group around these three elements.

Ministry Team Leaders

Most staff directly oversee volunteer Ministry Team Leaders. Ministry Team Leaders are the ones who oversee specific teams and those on the teams. An example would be the Ministry Team Leader for the Media and Tech Team: this person oversees the people serving on the actual media and tech teams etc.

Ministry Team Members

These are the people who serve on each ministry team. They are led by a Ministry team leader. An example would be someone who runs the sound board at a worship gathering – they would be considered part of the Media and Tech Team, led by a Media and Tech Ministry Team Leader.