Community & Connections Coordinator

The role of the Connections & Community Coordinator is to support the Director of Connections & Community in the fulfillment of the mission of seeing people get connected in community at VFC. This begins with a first experience in the parking lot through joining the community by serving in ministry teams and engaged in community groups. As people get connected into community, they then grow in their love and passion for Jesus while serving on mission. 

While the Director owns the weight and develops the vision that moves people from being greeted in the parking lot to being welcomed at the front door to easily getting connected into one of our smaller group settings the Coordinator of  Connections & Community is to be the "right hand person." This primarily means handling the administrative and logistical needs and rhythms as the Director works to oversee and build the leaders and ministry teams for this mission.  

This position requires an individual who has a unique balance of friendliness while having a superb ability and desire to execute details. As the position is part-time (20-25 hr/week) this person will need to act proactively and without guidance as he/she learns the needs and rhythms of the position to ensure that everything under the ministries of connections and community is running efficiently and nothing is overlooked. The allocation of time and work-flow throughout the year will vary and depends on the needs of the Director.




  • Provide weekly communication to connections team volunteers and leaders.
  • Implement and execute systems to schedule and remind connections team and prayer cove volunteers of upcoming serving opportunities.
  • Ensure Sunday Connections & Prayer Cove teams are staffed, informed, and equipped to fulfill their roles. Step-in where necessary when a team is short-staffed or a need arises.
  • Manage and order supplies for gatherings (communion elements, bibles, candles, etc) as needed.
  • Assist in recruitment, development, and training of Sunday connections team members in areas of setting up, tearing down, and providing exceptional first impressions experiences.
  • Provide administrative oversight and execution of “The Ten” on Sundays (a ministry to guests wanting more information about the church) and VFC Church Membership process (Church & Mission class, record keeping, etc.).
  • Oversee that yellow card prayer requests are sent out weekly and ensure follow up for those who request to be contacted.
  • Ensure Soul Count is recorded and submitted to Leadership Council on weekly basis.
  • Manage first time and ministry follow-up process queues on the HUB, ensuring that  responses are prompt.


  • Manage and support processes for Community Groups (during seasonal launches and ongoing)
  • Assist in implementation and execution of systems for people to explore and register for groups through VFC website or the HUB.
  • Manage sign-up table & process during Sunday gatherings prior to seasonal group launch dates.
  • Contact, connect and follow-up with VFC leaders to connect people interested in joining groups.
  • Work with community group leaders to maintain ongoing group attendance.
  • Provide regular communication to community group leaders.
  • Work with Director to develop weekly community group curriculum (questions, discussion topics, etc) and communicate to leaders every Monday.
  • Create/edit promotional material for groups.
  • Manage outside curriculum and order supplies for Community Groups as needed.
  • Work with facilities to book and equip rooms for groups as needed.
  • Providing support to Community Group leaders in troubleshooting group issues or directing them to additional resources as necessary.


  • Provide administrative and logistical assistance (reservations, materials, food, etc) for periodic leadership training and/or celebration events for Connections and/or Community leaders.
  • Assist with classes offered throughout the year (financial classes, theological, family/parenting, etc.).
  • Work with Director to develop new and innovative methods of recruiting, developing and championing volunteers in the mission of VFC.
  • Complete additional tasks as assigned by the Director of Connections & Community.


  • Love for Jesus and His church
  • Agreement with the Vintage Church statement of faith and philosophy or church and mission
  • Desire to see people connect and grow through dynamic and transformative community 
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Strong administrative and organizational gifts
  • Self starter with effective time management skills who can see tasks through to completion
  • Able to identify problems and quickly execute appropriate solutions
  • Needs to be proficient at (or able to be trained in) Google Docs, Microsoft Word/Excel, and other standard web-based software and applications.


Email Clayton Paull ( for more info / to apply