As Christians, our ultimate example of how to live and love is Jesus himself. During his time on Earth, Jesus repeated the "Shema" (an ancient prayer) multiple times a day. If Jesus repeated something that much, we as his followers should pay close attention. The contents of this simple prayer and Jesus' reasons for saying it over and over should inform and impact every area of our lives. Parents especially should engage with the Shema, as it gives insight to the single most important aspect of raising children. 

Join us for our 3 week series The Jesus Creed, taught by Dan Kimball, as we explore how these ancient words have the power to truly transform us- heart, soul, mind and strength.

Sun June 28th | Week 1: Jesus, the Shema and 613 things you can't forget

Sun July 5th | Week 2: How to love with everything in us

Sun July 12th | Week 3: Loving beyond ourselves