In Santa Cruz As it is in Heaven

Jesus teaches us to pray that His will be done "on earth as it is in heaven." This invitation could not be more timely: things on earth are certainly not as they should be. There is no question that we need heaven on earth now; we can't look at the news without our hearts breaking for the pain, sorrow and violence humanity is constantly experiencing. We need our lives and our communities to look more like heaven.

So what does this mean, practically? How do we, as a worshipping community of missional theologians, help bring "heaven" to Santa Cruz and our world, here and now?

Join us for our Fall teaching series In Santa Cruz as it is in Heaven

  • Sunday September 18th   "Bringing Heaven to Santa Cruz through Worship" with Jay Kim
  • Sunday September 25th   "Bringing Heaven to Santa Cruz in Community" with Dan Kimball
  • Sunday October 2nd   "Bringing Heaven to Santa Cruz as Missionaries" with Jay Kim
  • Sunday October 9th   "Bringing Heaven to Santa Cruz as Theologians" with Jay Kim
  • Sunday October 16th   Testimonies & Baptisms