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In recent days, Hurricane Harvey has decimated much of Houston, Texas. As a church on mission, we want to respond as best as we can, to come to the aid to the tens of thousands of people whose homes, businesses, and lives have been decimated. Local churches in Houston and surrounding areas are doing everything they can to respond and as a church, we are committed to supporting their efforts. 

We have a strong personal relationship with Ecclesia Church in Houston and we will be supporting their efforts. Another sister church of ours, Imago Dei in Portland, has put together an accessible infrastructure and webpage to donate funds. The funds will go towards the purchase of needed supplies for teams on the ground in Houston. Vintage Faith Church will send financial support toward this work. If you would like to give individually as well, you can do so by clicking HERE or below and choose 'Hurricane Harvey Relief' in the 'Fund' dropdown section.

Above all, please pray for everyone involved. The coming days, weeks, and months will be difficult and confusing for many. Pray especially for local churches in Houston, that they would rise to the occasion with a tremendous and tangible outpouring of the love of Jesus in this time of great need. 

Choose 'Hurricane Harvey Relief' in the 'Fund' dropdown section.