Hope & Anchor: How the Birth of Jesus Calms our Chaos

Christmas: when we hear that word, many other words flood our mind... busyness, stress, family drama, chaos, loneliness. While we can't change what Christmas has come to mean in our culture, we can learn to anchor our hearts to the Hope offered to us in the story of Jesus' birth. Join us as we share stories of Hope centered on characters from the Scriptures and the lives of those here in our own community.

Series begins Sunday December 7th

Sun Dec 7th: Hope in Difficult Circumstances, Dan Kimball 

Sun Dec 14th: Hope in Christmas Chaos, Mark Toback

Sun Dec 21st: Hope in the Face of Tragedy, Amy Bootz (NO 8pm Gathering!)

Wed Dec 24th: Hope in the Christmas Story, Dan Kimball & Kristin Jensen 

Sunday Dec 28th: Hope into the New Year (NO 8pm Gathering!)