GlobalTeam Values

As we work to achieve our vision, Vintage Faith's GlobalTeam will strive to:

  • Balance "good news and good works" desiring to share the love of Jesus while also meeting the physical and emotional needs of those we serve
  • Focus our energy and efforts prayerfully and strategically to a few areas vs. spreading ourselves thin by taking on too many projects
  • Seek to be culturally sensitive, loving, and respectful learners within the various cultures that we serve
  • Embrace the values of both people and projects: organizing projects and events as a means for education, action and partnering to send those called to overseas global missions work
  • Value sustainability, giving our time and resources toward projects that will help lift people out of their circumstances vs. enabling them to continue in any unhealthy cycles they may be caught in
  • Seek humility, recognizing that serving the marginalized and oppressed in our world is not about how great we are, but about how good God is and about our call to honor and reflect Him in all we do
  • Communicate our vision and values in a language that the larger community can understand and embrace, being sensitive to the culture of VFC and the specific call we have in our local context
  • Use creativity and innovation to cast vision and engage the community and other ministries in global initiatives and projects
  • Partner with existing missional organizations and non-profits to help further the work they do, advocating for compassion, justice and truth to be shared