Vintage Faith Global Missionaries

Jenny and Aaron Espe, Indonesia (YWAM)

Aaron and Jenny met in 2008 while Aaron was a student in YWAM/Youth With a Mission's Discipleship Training School and Jenny was a staff member there. They married in September of 2009. 

During their first few years of marriage, Aaron attended school in Denver and Jenny served at the YWAM campus in Colorado Springs. It was always their goal and desire to move overseas long term but they both knew that they needed to go overseas with degrees and experience.

During their time in Colorado Springs Jenny was able to develop a Debrief Program for the YWAM campus and was involved with the Foundations of Counseling Ministry School as well as other areas of ministry. Aaron spent his non- school hours working with high-risk youth and mentally challenged adults.

After Aaron graduated in 2013 the Espe family went to serve in YWAM Belize working with the counseling school. It was the first time they were able to do ministry as a family and it was a great experience!

They are currently serving in with an incredible YWAM team who has been in working in Indonesia for some time. The main organization that the team is a part of is YDSA- (Yayasan Dinamik Sistim Asri). It is a non-profit Indonesian foundation that was founded in 1994. Under this umbrella organization is the incorporation (PT BHM) P.T. Blang Havilah Mas. This company engages a number of diverse areas including:

  • education, employment
  • disaster relief, emergency
  • response, reconstruction
  • small loans, crafts, agricultural/
  • education, construction skills

Melissa and Michael Hanson, Mexico (Grace Children's Home)

Melissa and Michael Hanson, along with their 3 children, serve at Grace Children's Home in Mexico. Originally from Santa Cruz, they headed down to Grace to be full time global missionaries in 2007.



Kenny and Catherine Besk, Thailand (Zoe International)

Kenny has been in law enforcement with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office for ten years. Catherine taught elementary school, and is now staying home with their children. Through our adoption of our son, we learned more about the orphan crisis and how so many are at risk of being trafficked. They were horrified. They could see our children’s faces on the ones that have been trafficked and knew they had to respond in action. The Besk family will be moving this June to Thailand, where Kenny will be joining the child rescue team with ZOE International.

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