Vintage Faith Church Leadership Contacts

List includes volunteer leaders, interns, part time and full time staff.

Kid's Ministry

Dawn Jackson, Director of Kids and Families

Christi Hughes, Assistant Director of Kids and Families

Candace Wooster, Kids and Families Coordinator


Youth Ministry

Micah Rice, Youth Director

Noah Richert, Youth Protege Intern

Stephanie Groom, Youth Protege Intern


Young Adults

Dan Kimball, Leadership & Mission

Haley Green, Young Adults Protege Intern


Community & Connections

Clayton Paull, Director of Connections & Community

Caitlin Taylor, Community & Connections Protege Intern

Jazzy Frutos, Community & Connections Protege Intern


Women's Ministry

Nini Lettner, Director of  Women's Ministry


Men's Ministry

Jeremy Spradlin, Men's Ministry Director


Sunday Gathering Ministries

Seth Overby, Director of Worship Arts

Sean Foster, Technical Coordinator,

Eric Wheeler, Worship Arts Protege Intern


Abbey Ministry

Hannah Rice, The Abbey Manager


Outreach Ministry

McNabbs, GlobalTeam Directors

Caitlin Taylor, Local Compassion Protege Intern


Administration & Operations

Alden Johanson, Director of Finance, Business, Giving

Zakery Pendleton, Facility Director & Administration

Michelle Quitasol, Finance & Business Administrator


Protege Internship

Clayton Paull, Protege Spiritual Director

Michelle Quitasol, Protege Residential Director



Nini Lettner, Director of  Communications

Jessie Barnes, Creative Arts Intern


Staff Leads

Dan Kimball, Mission & Leadership

Jay Kim, Teaching & Leadership