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In the opening chapters of Genesis, a good God makes a good world. But when sin enters the picture, everything is ruined. At the end of Genesis 11, we’re left with the impression that the project has failed. In our everyday lives, we often feel the same - despite our good intentions and best efforts, many things fail - in our families, relationships, careers, personal lives, etc. In this second part through the book of Genesis, we delve into a series of incredible stories which reveal how God doesn’t shy away from failure but dives into the middle of our mess, ready, willing, and able to lead us through anything when we trust him with our whole lives.

April 28th - Genesis 12 | Abram - Trusting God When You Feel Doubt

May 5th - Genesis 18-19 | Sodom and Gomorrah - Mercy and Wrath

May 12th - Genesis 16 & 22 | Hagar - Knowing We Are Cared For When We Feel Abandoned or Lonely

May 19th - Genesis 28-32 | Jacob - Wrestling With God Through Tough Times

May 26th - Genesis 38 | Tamar - What Can God Do With Our Shame?

June 2nd - Genesis 39 | Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife - Leave the Cloak and Run!

June 9th - Genesis 40-41 | Joseph in Prison - God Never Forgets Us

June 16th - Genesis 42-50 | Reuniting of Joseph and His Brothers - God’s Goodness Through Pain and Sorrow