VFC Leadership

Doug Buron | Middle School Coordinator


Originally from San Jose, Doug has lived all over the country from Florida to Oklahoma and Southern California. He and his wife Debbie, married for 39 years, have three grown daughters. Debbie is a Spanish teacher and “missionary kid”who spent some of her growing up years in Central and South America. Doug has a BA in Pastoral Ministry from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida and has decades of experience in youth ministry. He loves investing in kids at this pivotal time in their lives and wants to see them encounter the living God, approach the Bible relationally, not just legally, and reintroduce them to the characters in the Bible as real people, living real lives, in real time. They are not fables with a moral but people with a story. Like us! He has been an athlete and coach over the years and worked his way through college as a softball umpire and a referee for basketball and was also a stage manager for touring musicals. Doug loves seeing young people expressing their faith in athletics, the arts, and other activities.

Both Doug and Debbie are excited to be part of the VFC community. VFC has been their church for the last 2-ish years after 29 years of youth ministry followed by 12+ years as a lead pastor. As they were exploring "next" for their lives they found a home at VFC with a few old friends and dove in. They love the energy of the people at Vintage, the willingness to deal with "hard stuff" from the pulpit, and the sense of teamwork in the culture.

They love the beach, working with kids, kayaking in the ocean, traveling, watching local pro and college teams, hanging with old friends and making new ones. Food is glorious, including Mexican, Pizza My Heart, German chocolate cake and snickerdoodles.