We all want our to lives matter, but in the midst of busyness, distraction and routine, we can easily settle for a mediocre version of the Christian journey. 

What if there was more? 

What if following Jesus was more than "going to church", "serving in a ministry" or "reading your Bible and praying"? What if living our life fully for Jesus was an exciting adventure, full of joy and meaning, one that we could never, ever call “boring”?

When we understand what it truly means to be His disciple, it changes absolutely everything: how we view ourselves and our purpose, how we face life's struggle, how we respond when things don't go our way, how we grow (or not). Each week during our DISCIPLE series, we will explore a specific characteristic of a disciple. As we study Jesus' life and teaching, we'll learn what it means to shape our lives around the call and command to be His DISCIPLE.