God's compassion for the people He created is boundless, going far beyond our own understanding. He longs for Jesus to be known around the world by those that have never heard the wonderful news of His gospel and grace, for His mercy to be shown to everyone and for His justice is practiced on every level. Created in His image, we are invited to experience as well as be vessels for this justice, compassion and mercy; to be immersed in His love and then to tangibly and practically extend that love to the world around us. 

Join us for this 4 week teaching series....

  • Sun July 20th:  God's Unending Compassion, Kristin Jensen
  • Sun July 27th:  God's Heart for the Whole World, Keivan Tehrani (Global Mission Pastor at Westgate Church in San Jose)
  • Sun August 3rd:  God's Mercy and Justice for Children, Carl Ralston (Founder of Remember Nhu)
  • Sun August 10th:  God's Desire for us to be Light to our Local Community, Jon Talbert