Community Group Leader Resources

Whether you are leading a group for the first time and aren’t quite sure how to best lead and care for your group, or have been a seasoned leader, but feel like you’ve fallen into the same old rhythms and routines, we all benefit from learning from time to time. Leaders are learners, so below, we’ve compiled a list of articles, short videos, blog posts on a number of community group topics to help you thrive in the mission of bringing people together as we as a church seek to become a worshipping community of missional theologians for the sake of the world!


How to make the first (or any) meeting awesome!

Want three simple reminders for your new group? Click here

How can you pray while you prepare for your group? Click here

Five things to avoid if you want to have a dynamic group. Click here

Want to engage your group members, share the load! Click here


Asking Good Questions

Three suggestions for asking better questions Click here

Want an awesome two-word question to ask during groups? Click here

Questions matter, but how can we learn to be a better listener? Click here

Need some practical tips to help you and your group listen better? Click here


Creating Safe Spaces

What do safe and predictable groups have in common? Click here

How do you help new people feel comfortable in your group? Click here


Tips for hurting group members

How do you care for others in your group? Click here

What is your role in caring for hurting group members? Click here

When should you get help from leadership? Click here


Explore spiritual depth & growth as a group

Group relationships have different levels. What do they look like? Click here

How are relationships and spiritual development connected? Click here

Need a few suggestions for growing deeper with your group? Click here

Looking for better ways to cultivate and facilitate prayer in your group? Click here