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Uncertainty of faith. Pressure to conform. Temptations all around. These words could just as easily describe Santa Cruz in 2018 as they could the ancient land of Babylon thousands of years ago. In this new teaching series, we'll dive into the story of a young man named Daniel and his friends, who stood firm and faithful in the midst of tremendous trials. We'll discover the undeniable calling to follow God through whatever comes our way, as well as the unbelievable hope He offers to all those who trust and obey.


August 19th - When Your World Is Shaken Up 

August 26th - Dealing with Pressure to Conform and Temptation 

September 2nd - Losing & Finding Sleep When Life Seems Impossible

September 9th - Experiencing God when you are in the Furnace

September 16th - Where to Go When You Hit Rock Bottom  - and the Danger of becoming a Christian-atheist

September 23rd - The Art of Truth Telling 

September 30th - Believing God is in Control and Trusting Him with our Future