Misunderstood, Dangerous. Confusing. Challenging. Hope-filled. Life-changing.

The Bible is so many things to so many people. For some, it is misinterpreted and thus drained of its relevance to our hearts, causing it to become a sort of cosmic rule book. For others, it feels confusing - we struggle to know how to really understand what it's saying. And for others still, the Bible is simply ignored- seen as outdated or boring- fading from importance because it's simply easier to focus our minds and hearts on other things.

If we are to understand and embrace the real message of the Bible, then we are promised hope and transformation in every area of our lives - our relationships, our behavior, our beliefs, our hearts, and our souls.

BIBLE 101 is a new teaching series - starting Sunday Feb 14th -  that gives us a chance to learn about how to learn about the Bible... and to experience the transformation that occurs when we truly understand and apply the word of God as it was intended to be known and lived out.


Sunday February 14:  God is Speaking, Are We Listening?

Sunday February 21:  Never Read A Bible Verse: Knowing the Big Story

Sunday February 28:  Jesus Riding A Dinosaur: Knowing The Local Story 

Sunday March 6:  The Bible Was Written For Us Not To Us: Applying The Bible In Our Lives