VFC Leadership

Alden Johanson | Director of Finance and Special Projects



When Alden was a little boy growing up in Connecticut, he used to watch a lot of cowboy shows and dreamed about life in The Wild West.  In 2000 those dreams finally came true, as he retired from a Federal career in DC and started a whole new adventure as COO of Mount Hermon.  In the fall of 2016, Alden retired again (or “downshifted” as he likes to put it), and soon found himself volunteering as VFC’s Director of Finance and Administration.  He continues to serve on the VFC Leadership Council, where he has specialized in numbers and dollar signs for several years. While back in DC, Alden was smitten by a young lady named Lorna on a church ski retreat.  They got married in 1971, and raised three amazing children.  Miraculously, two of them have found a way to live in the Bay Area. He is grandfather to a growing collection of grandchildren. Alden and Lorna lead a Community Group in their home, and feel very blessed to be on mission with Vintage Faith.